Visualization Exercises: Techniques Used to Visualize Success Can Change Your Life

R├ęsultat de recherche d'images pour "Exercises"Visualization practices can re-train your mind to believe you have already established health, abundance, love, happiness, and peace. Learn about different methods to transform your life and align your subconscious perceptions with what you want to create consciously.


Affirmation statements coupled with visualization can be immensely effective in the manifestation process. In addition to declaring your desires in the present tense and using first person perspective, it is important for you to see yourself in the situation you wish to occur. Use your sense of touch, hearing, vision, taste, smell, and even intuition in a positive way to create a picture in your mind’s eye of the exact experience and intention you are affirming to the universe.

Color Therapy

During color therapy, you consciously choose colors which have certainly frequencies and vibrations to invoke loving energy into a particular aspect of your life. For example, if you want to fix your finances, working with the color green would be appropriate as it is associated with money and health. Healing with color, you can use your imagination and envision a large, emerald-green crystal above your crown radiating intense green light into your body and out of your hands and feet. See the light surround your wallet, purse, or checkbook as well as guide you on a path that leads to opening doors of opportunity.


Meditation in general is healthy for your mind, body, and soul. Using a technique that involves a visual component can be insightful because your subconscious mind is also part of the process. You can practice guided meditation, where certain elements of the scenario are predetermined. However, allowing your higher self to flow freely, you can receive messages from the realm of Spirit in many forms, such as angels, power animals, or specific objects that have meaning. Your conscious and subconscious minds interact here to expand your imagination and relay to you what you need to know.

Vision Boards

Vision boards are a fun, active way to directly choose what you wish to attract into your life. Some things to consider are the theme of the collage and the various supplies you’ll need to create it. Having a specific goal in mind is helpful, but you can also use vision boards as a way to allow the universe to send you experiences for your highest good. Be sure to center a nice picture of yourself in the middle of a poster board; then glue magazine or computer image cut-outs around it, displaying the objects, emotions, or situations you want to attract. The possibilities are endless, but you should have enough time to devote to your masterpiece and tap into your artistic side. This is your life and you need to honor it with positive, creative energy.

Mind Movies

Mind movies are a relatively new concept that takes visualization to a higher level. They incorporate picture slides of what you desire, powerful affirmations, music, and positive emotions into a video presentation lasting a few minutes. Repeating the mind movie on your computer, for example, continuously delivers messages to your subconscious mind. Your belief systems can change and align more appropriately with the goals of your choosing.

Several forms of visualization are available as a resource to assist you on your growth and development journey. Using these modalities to transform underlying negative beliefs into positive ones can give you the confidence and courage to embrace your full potential and work with the attraction process to manifest your intentions.